Monday, June 13, 2011

HDX768 turns ordinary, predestrian photographs into works of art!

You have to get your market to notice your ad before your product gets sold.

If your digital photos are standardized [HDX768], you know that a photo editor has edited them for media use.

You need to engage the audience's attention when you present yourself or your product.

HD 1080 Gives a photo a three dimensional look

LD 72 picture of Miley Cyrus at 2x.

Presentation is worthless as a commercial photograph.

PGN format: 1366:768 ratio

The original JPG picture has been reformatted to fit into a HD monitor screen at 1080 pixels per inch.

Family Picture of a typical blog family

Graphic Standards for the Information industry

The HD1366:1080 format is a subset of HD1080.  This format gives the picture more depth, more 3-D effect.